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My ADHD story, experience, credentials

My personal ADHD story, experience, credentials as ADHD coach Dr. Saskia Karg
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Better late than never?!
My personal ADHD story

My life experience as a late-diagnosed ADHD woman has equipped me with lots of bruises, learning, and empathy for all for whom life isn't always smooth sailing.

Here's my story: As far back as I can remember, I knew that I was somehow "different." I was quick as a whip in some things and slow like a snail in others. I can't count how many times I heard: you're so smart, how can you be so stupid?


My personal ADHD story

I always thought I just had to try harder to compensate for my undefined "defect". The only thing that was clear was that I had a learning disability, but in the 80s this didn't result in any school support, just nasty comments from the teachers. When I didn't learn to read at school, my mother taught me. She also studied tirelessly with me and taught me all the tricks she could lay her hands on. My parents also always stood up for me when I had problems with the teachers.

That's how I muddled through. Despite everything, I earned a Ph.D., managed projects and teams, had happy relationships (and many unhappy ones). And when I found something so incomprehensibly difficult, I thought: I'm just too stupid, too lazy, too clumsy, too chaotic, not enough .... (there are endless words that I can put here), too much ... (there too: long list). I just have to try harder. Adapt more. Be more "normal". Until my batteries were empty. 

When I was 42, a doctor took the trouble to actually listen carefully for once. I' m eternally grateful to him for that. The diagnosis of ADHD was completely unexpected for me, and yet suddenly everything made sense.

Dr. Saskia Karg
Dr. Saskia Karg
Dr. Saskia Karg

With the help of another doctor, I was able to learn that I don't always have to try so hard. That life can also be easier. That I can get help and accept it. I was finally able to see the potential in the strengths I had taken for granted. And what a treasure chest of tricks, hacks, and skills I had accumulated over the decades. 

I trained with the pioneers of ADHD coaching and use my background as a scientist with a Ph.D. to stay on top of the latest ADHD research.

To this day, I continue to fall flat on my face (even literally), straighten my crown, move on, and look forward to the next adventure. Because life with ADHD remains a challenge for all of us - mostly wonderful, sometimes just exhausting. So I don't have a magic formula either. But an enormous amount of experience, knowledge and empathy.

So I can meet you where you are right now. And support you in getting to where you don't even dare believe you can get to. I can clean your mirror and hold it up so that you recognize your uniqueness again. Encourage you to try new experiments. So that you can move from knowledge to action. 

Seeing what is possible for my clients with the right support often moves me to tears. 


Coach training and certification

  • Training in ADHD coaching ADDCA, ADD Coach Academy, USA including "Fundamentals of ADHD Coaching for Families" (159.5 ICF-accredited training hours​ ), currently continuing education in Advanced Coaching Skills (additional 112 ICF-accredited training hours, completion in November 2022)

  • Training in Brain-Based Coaching, NeuroLeadership Institute, UK (76 ICF-accredited training hours, 10 hours of mentoring)​

  • Ongoing supervision, intervision, and mentoring


Further degrees

  • Doctor of Science, ETH Zurich, CH (highest-ranked university in continental Europe, ranked eight worldwide)


  • Master of Science in Biotechnology, ETH Zurich, CH

  • altMBA graduate cohort 50, 2022

Volunteer work

  • Peer Reviewer for "Comprehensive Psychiatry"

  • ensa First Aider Mental Health Focus Youth


  • Many years of experience as a patient advocate for people with rare diseases


Principals as ADHD coach

My specialties as an ADHD coach

​Entrepreneurs, Start-Uppers:

having worked in start-ups / disruptive companies in the past and coaching start-uppers since October 2019 (including many start-up CEOs), I understand the unique challenges and can add value very efficiently.  

Students and academics (including the twice-exceptional):

it was clear from first grade that I had a learning disability, which was unfortunately not further investigated or accommodated. I made it to a science Ph.D. thanks to a plethora of study hacks. It was still a huge struggle because I did not know about my ADHD. Helping students and academics struggle less by sharing my hacks is very satisfying.

Expats living in Switzerland:

I grew up bilingual in Switzerland in a bi-cultural family. I've worked and volunteered with many expat kids and understand the added complexity of language and culture well.

Healthcare professionals:

After eight years working in research hospitals, I am well attuned to the unique culture, pressure, and other challenges healthcare professionals face. 


Principles as a "Professional ADHD Coach"


with a deep understanding of the highly sensitive nature of most individuals with ADHD, the coach creates an environment of acceptance and trust, where the client can be open, honest, and free from fear and judgment.


taking into account the client's awareness of self and their ADHD, the coach flexibly supports the natural flow of the coaching conversation. The client benefits from the coach's act of collaboration.


with a keen awareness of the importance of interest and novelty to the ADHD brain, the coach uses questions, challenges, and collaborative brainstorming to help the client successfully explore current concerns and opportunities, while looking to areas of personal growth and development.

ADHD lens:

with a deep understanding of ADHD traits, behaviors, patterns, challenges, and current neuroscience, the coach proactively partners with the client to discover the unique workings of their brain and how they can best employ that understanding. The client becomes clearer about what it takes to succeed in their unique way.


with a recognition of executive function challenges prevalent in the ADHD brain, the coach supports the client in the process of planning and taking actions that result in learning, accomplishment, and empowerment.

Derived from: The Professional Association of ADHD Coaches (

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