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Free online ADHD course Keep your battery charged! ADHD self-care basics

The free self-study course
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improve your ADHD self-care


Life with ADHD can be tough. So self-care is vital. Yet we often forget it, don't have time for it, and end up in a vicious cycle.

With this course, you're just a few steps away from taking charge of your ADHD self-care. We'll go through the main pillars you need to keep your batteries charged. 

There are 6 pillars of ADHD self-care that we’ll cover in this program:

  • Sleep

  • Hydration

  • Nutrition

  • Exercise

  • Remembering Your Medication

  • Stress Management

We often know what would be good for us, but have trouble getting from insight to implementation. Just knowing this helps us take a kinder stance towards ourselves. This lets us use our creativity to find ways to follow through that are ADHD-compatible. 

As people with ADHD, we're also consistently inconsistent, and a "once and for all" approach does not work for us. Instead, we'll develop prompts to help us get back on track when we inevitably fall off. 

Keeping our batteries charged is the basis that allows us to face our deeper issues, so that we can bring our best selves to the table, enjoy life, and thrive. 

Always remember that all your small positive changes will add up to have a big impact over time!

And to make it more feasible for you to get from knowledge to action and implement the changes you want, you can exchange ideas with like-minded people in the course community, because things are always easier when you're not alone!

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