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Swiss Online ADHD coaching
unique mind coach Dr. Saskia Karg, ACC

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embrace your quirky and thrive

Understand your unique brain, recognize and live your strengths and live a full life: including fulfilling relationships, your version of success, and as much ease as is possible!

ADHD Coach online Dr. Saskia Karg

ADHD online Coaching:

What if your life with ADHD could be easier?

It breaks my heart to see what people with ADHD just put up with. I used to be the same way.


But it really is possible to flourish with ADHD - with all its challenges. My life proves it and so do the lives of my clients. 

Would you also like to have less stress, less pressure, less hassle, and more freedom, more success, and more joy your in life?

Are you willing to give yourself the chance to be happy, successful, and have fulfilling relationships even as an adult with ADHD? 


Do you know what you want, but you're struggling to make it happen?

Glückliche Frau mit ADHS

Forget Generic - trust your superpowers and my know-how as your ADHD Coach

Glückliches Paar mit ADHS

Good coaching acts as a catalyst: it helps us change faster and more easily. However, that's only true when the coaching is (ADHD)-brain-friendly. Many popular approaches don't work or are even harmful because they ignore our neurobiology. 


Instead, you can rely on my solid education and the fact that I know and actually understand the latest scientific findings on ADHD ;-)


ADHD Coaching lets you understand why you tick the way you do. And what you need to flourish


My expertise and personal experience also help you move from understanding and knowledge to implementation and action. This is where we ADHDers, especially the gifted and high-potential ones, often falter.


So you'll finally achieve the lasting changes you desire. You'll embrace your quirky, recognize your strengths and live to your full potential: happy, successful, and with fulfilling relationships! 

A bit about me and my approach
plus current client testimonials

A bit about me

Helping people with ADHD (re)discover and express their unique potential: that's my true passion. 


All my life I've struggled with things that come easily to others, and effortlessly accomplished things that are difficult for most.


My ADHD diagnosis at age 42 solved the mystery. Finally, I was able to see clearly. Recognize my potential. To see the infinite number of tricks, tools, and skills I had amassed to just get through the day (and to earn a Ph.D., for example). This view (and the practical tips) have turned into a gift that I love to share with others.

ADHS Coach Dr. Saskia Karg

As an ADHD coach, I have the magical mission to support people like you to live your full potential. To make your environment suitable for your brain wiring, instead of trying to finally function "like a normal person". To dare to go your unique way. Together with the people who are accepting and supportive of the real you. 


To have to do less, to be allowed to do more. To accept yourself exactly as you are and still work to become the best version of yourself. I'll be there when you stumble on your path, as I've stumbled so many times myself. And I'll be there when you succeed at things you never thought possible.

Education, Expertise & experience

Anyone can call themselves a coach. That's why I'm certified with the International Coaching Federation (the "gold standard" in coaching) as an ACC - Associate Certified Coach and am already working towards certification as a PCC - Professional Certified Coach. Specifically for ADHD, the ADHD Coaches Organization (ACO) has recognized me as a "Professional ADHD Coach" based for example on my training with the ADD Coach Academy, the NeuroLeadership Institute, and ensa Switzerland.

I'm trained in brain-based and ADHD coaching, with a science Ph.D. and 17 years of work experience in the biomedical field in project and people leadership roles in Switzerland. With well over 500 hours coached with coachees ranging from 11-years-old to retired, you can confidently depend on my experience.

Online ADHD Coaching in English, Swiss & High German (triple native speaker) - based in Switzerland

About me
Why ADHD coaching?

Why ADHD coaching?

Are you ready for positive change? Do you want to give yourself the chance to work with and not against your ADHD? Do you believe, as I do, that you can have happy relationships and be successful and relaxed while living with ADHD?

The European guidelines on adult ADHD state: «The treatment of adults with ADHD should follow a multimodal and multidisciplinary approach, which includes psychoeducation, pharmacotherapy, cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) and coaching for ADHD». There are even research studies that show the positive impact of ADHD coaching, which is astounding, as there is rarely funding for such research. ADHD coaching works - even without a diagnosis and also for loved ones.

My deep understanding of neuroscience allows me to tailor my coaching to your exact needs - whether your ADHD is currently your superpower or your curse - or both (as it is for me).


You'll be able to:

  • get unstuck, recognize your ADHD symptoms in adulthood, and address them constructively

  • understand how your ADHD brain is wired and how this affects your daily life (more info on ADHD symptoms can be found under adhd-facts)

  • gain awareness of your unique and abundant talents, gifts, and strengths

  • learn to use and build on your strengths

  • develop new skills that work for your brain, with your ADHD, and not just for neurotypicals

  • adapt your environment to support you

  • learn many more wonderful things that are adapted to your unique needs so that you can reach your full potential and flourish

Prerequisites for the coaching to work

  • You really want change and are willing to invest time and money to make it happen (ADHD coaching is not usually reimbursed by health insurance, despite its effectiveness).

  • You work with a coach who tailors her approach to your individual needs and who has the necessary expertise and experience. As mentioned before, generic approaches don't work (even from ADHD coaches) and a few days of training don't qualify someone to become an ADHD coach. You need a bespoke approach from an experienced professional.

  • Most people with ADHD don't need more knowledge (seriously, how many podcasts, YouTube videos, and posts have you consumed and how much of it have you effectively implemented?). Instead, I bet you need help with - sustained - implementation.

  • Coaching is a "contact sport" and even for us free-spirited folks with ADHD, some level of commitment, structure, and accountability is necessary. Otherwise, you just keep amassing knowledge without taking action.

  • And, of course, the chemistry has to be right - we have to click.

Who will benefit from ADHD Coaching & consulting?

If the above conditions are met, you'll benefit from ADHD coaching (or ADHD consulting for loved ones) whether:

  • you're a newly diagnosed adult with ADHD

  • you were diagnosed with ADHD a long time ago

  • you are a young adult, teenager, or child with ADHD (I am also specifically trained to work with children)

  • you are the "neurotypical" loved one of someone with ADHD (neurotypical: you don't have ADHD or other changes in your brain development)

  • you simply have traits of ADHD (no diagnosis needed)​​

The Unique Minapproach

the unique mind approach to coaching

My blog posts and my free online self-study courses give you the opportunity to gain more ADHD knowledge and try out practical tips. In my courses, my course community also helps you with implementation.


But if you really want to take off, book my 1:1 coaching for at least three months. In addition to regular sessions (currently only online coaching via Zoom) - weekly at the beginning, with longer intervals possible thereafter - you'll get access to my coaching platform, which we can use to stay in touch between sessions. Regular short contact greatly facilitates implementation. You stop fooling yourself or even sabotaging yourself and finally experience the success you're capable of. Guaranteed. 


An exclusive peer support community and group coaching sessions are also planned for 2022. 


Are you interested in 1:1 coaching? Contact me and we'll find out if we're a match. 

No two minds are alike. I look forward to meeting yours!

Client testimonials

Client testimonials

Entrepreneur, canton of Zurich, Switzerland

«Saskia blows my mind time and time again. When I'm spinning in circles, she shows me a way out that makes me think, wow, what a cool idea. She has taken me out of a lot of thought patterns and shown me how cool it is to change the world with ADHD. I have grown and become more self-determined because of Saskia.


ADHD is my new superpower and I have learned to love my difference. Repeatedly, valuable statements, implementation ideas, and conversations from Saskia come to my mind. So she is always accompanying me a bit on my way. Thank you very much, dear Saskia!»

Teacher, City of Zurich, Switzerland

«Saskia has a phenomenal ability to think of practical and creative solutions on the spot. Her tips and tricks have not only helped me to better recognize, understand and manage my ADHD symptoms, but also to embrace the positive aspects of experiencing the world in a neurodivergent way.»

Dein Coaching hat mir geholfen, meine Ziele in einem Tempo zu erreichen, das ich nie für möglich gehalten hätte!

Glückliches Paar mit ADHS
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